Sunday, 10 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Norman Morrison

Norman Morrison was aged 61 when he spoke at the Napier inquiry at Miavaig, Uig, Lewis. He had come across from Brenish, about 12 miles away. Norman was a fisherman and crofter.

In the 1881 census we find Norman and his wife Catherine (who was 4 years younger) with their children Donald (25, fisherman), John (22, fisherman), Malcolm (18, fisherman) and Margaret (16). In the 1871 census, we learn that the family lived at 30 Brenish.

The 1851 census shows Norman and Katerine (incorrectly marked as his sister) at 'Breynish' as a fisher and land tenant. His sister Jannet (30) is listed there as well. A male infant, 2 months old, is noted as Not Bass.

In 1901, we last see Norman (78) and Catherine (74) together at Brenish. Their son John (40) and his wife Marion (37) are present, with their young sons George (2) and Norman (3 months).

Norman Morrison passed away on 30 April 1911 aged 84 at Brenish. He is marked as the widower of Catherine, and the son of Donald and Peggy, having suffered senile decay for 6 weeks. His son Donald, living at Mangersta, reported the death at Miavaig.

The village of Brenish is not (yet) covered by Hebridean Connections.

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