Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Corners of Uig - Ardbheag

Ardbheag, on the southern shore of Loch Hamnaway, had a population of about a dozen in 1851.  We find a family of Mcleods, numbering 6, with a Christian Buchanan visiting - Christian is a female first name. The Mcleods were Donald (71, tenant), Murdo (40, son), Mary (34, daughter), Norman (28, son), Ann (36, daughter) and 'Hemmy' (28, servant).

The second household was headed up by Murdo Mclennan (53, tenant) and his wife Merion (57). Their  daughter Merion (25) and son Donald (23) are also present. Fisherman Roderick Mcray is visiting.

By 1861, there are 18 people at Ardbheag, with the Mcleod family expanding; four grandchildren having been added to the family. Donald Mcleod (80) has handed over the designation of head to his son Murdo (50, fisherman). Other sons include Norman (38) and Angus M (20). Others present include three visitors, Mary Buchman (Buchanan?), Marrion Mathews (78) and Ann M Aeeley(?), aged 45.

Murdo and Marrion Mclennans remain in residence at Ardbheag, with grandson John Mcdonald (1) visiting.  The other three adults are also marked as visiting: Margaret Mcdonald (28), John Morrison (22) and Essey Macleod (29).

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