Friday, 15 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Alexander Macdonald

Alexander Macdonald was the witness for Crowlista in Uig, giving evidence to Lord Napier's Commission on 4 June 1883 at Miavaig.

We find him on the 1881 census aged 46, with his spouse Catherine (33) and four children Dolina (7), John (6), Anne (3) and Jessie (8 months); also Christina Buchanan, a 46-year old pauper, who is visiting. Hebridean Connections states that the couple lived at 16 Crowlista.

A decade before, Alexander still lives with his mother (Ann, 69) and siblings Murdoch (30, fisherman), Malcolm (23, fisherman), Ann (27, agricultural labourer) and Christina. (25, agricultural labourer). Alexander is a fisherman at Crowlista. This information is linked to the record on Heb. Conn.

In 1891, we find Alexander and Catherine at the School House, with their children Ann (13), Janet (9), Kate (6) and Florance (4). Ten years later, the 1901 census lists this family of Macdonalds at 16 Crowlista, providing final confirmation.

Alexander Macdonald passed away on 27 March 1911 at the age of 76, still married to Catherine. Alexander had been suffering paralysis for 2 years before his death. Catherine followed her husband into death in 1929, aged 80.

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