Thursday, 28 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Norman Mcphail

Norman Mcphail gave evidence on behalf of the Carloway crofters in front of Lord Napier at Breasclete on 5 June 1883. He was aged 64, according to the Report. We find him in the 1881 census, aged 60, with his wife Chirsty (57), at a fisherman's house. This is located in Carloway in the 1871 census. In '81, we see Norman's family, Duncan (25), Malcolm (23), Isabella (20), Kenneth (17, an unemployed baker), Chirsty (15) and Murdoch (13). Norman's brother Malcolm (57) is listed as a visiting pauper. In the 1871 census, we find the same people there, but just about a decade younger. Malcolm Mcphail (brother) is now a 'Defendenton Relater'.  The earlier censuses do not readily yield Norman Mcphail at Carloway.

Moving forward in time, the 1891 census adds a daughter Ann (30); daughter Christy (now aged 24) has two young children, Bella (3) and Norman (1). Malcolm Mcphail remains in the house - presently referred to as an imbecile. The last available census, 1901, still shows Norman and Christy (now aged 82 and 77), with their children Bella (36), Chirsty (32), Catherine (45, married to Norman Macphail), John (16),  Kate (12), Kenneth (8) and Angus (5). The latter four youngsters all have their father's name given as Norman Macphail, but I'm not sure whether this is the elderly man referred to in this post.

Norman Mcphail passed away on 27 September 1902 at the age of 83. The cause of death is not specified. His parents' name is given as John and Mary (nee Macleod). His wife Christina survived him by 17 years, dying in 1919, aged 95.

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