Saturday, 16 April 2011

Robert Henry, Leading Seaman, 1876-1913

This substantial memorial in Sandwick Cemetery is dedicated to the memory of Robert Henry. He was a Royal Navy sailor who was killed through being dashed against a cabling bollard on board his ship, HMS Liverpool, on 4 March 1913. The accident occurred on account of a heavy sea during a severe gale.

Robert was born on 5 December 1876 at St Marys, Portsmouth. His occupation, before joining the Navy in 1894, was that of Rivet Heater. During his stint, which lasted until his death in 1913, Robert served in about two dozen different ships and navy bases.

I transcribe the text on the memorial, which is very poorly legible.

To the Glory of God
To the memory of
Robert Henry
Leading Seaman
HMS Liverpool
who lost his life on duty during
a severe gale off St Kilda
4 March 1913
aged 35
This stone is erected by his shipmates
"And so he bringeth them to the haven
where they would be" [Psalm 107].

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