Saturday, 2 April 2011

Napier witnesses: John Mcleod (Tarbert)

John Mcleod can be found at Tarbert in the 1881 census, as a 68-year old merchant, wilks, residing at 19 East Tarbert. He lives with his wife Ann, two years his junior, and their 16-year old niece Ann Macleod.

I am not able to single out with any certainty a John Macleod in Pabbay in the 1841 census. Several are listed, some under the misspelt surname Maclead.

In 1871, John Macleod is in a house at Tarbert, with his wife Ann and a 'stranger' tennant Murdo Macleod and fisherman Donald Macleod. Ann Morrison is there as a housekeeper.

I am not confident about this piece of research; I am not able to trace him by death record either.

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