Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Napier witnesses: George Smith

George Smith was a witness from Callanish, who gave evidence to Lord Napier on 5 June 1883 at Breasclete. He does not appear to feature in the 1881 census, but can be traced in 1871. We see him as a crofter at Callenish, aged 57. He is there with his wife Christy (50) and children Ann (17), Catherine (14) and Donald (5). Ten years before, the family is annotated at 31 Callanish, also with George's mother Ann (80) present. She is marked down as a mid wife. In 1851, George and 'Cursty' have their children Mary (4) and Ann (1). Ann Smith (70) is also in the house.

George Smith does also not appear in the 1891 census. He passed away on 21 August 1896, aged 83, having suffered from the effects of old age. His parents are listed as Donald and Ann (nee Maciver). His daughter Catherine registered the death at Carloway 5 days later; she was not able to write her own name.

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