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Napier witnesses: Lachlan Campbell

Lachlan Campbell is found on the 1881 census aged 45, married to Catherine (30). He lives at the fish curer's house, he is marked as a fish curer. His children are Ann (5), John (3) and Malcolm (9 months). Rachel is also present, she was Lachlan's mother. Marg[are]t Macdonald (40), Ann Maclennan (25, born in Lochs Parish, Lewis) are domestic servants, with Niel Mackinnon (17) in the house as a herdsman.

A decade later, Lachlan's address is clarified as 2 Scadabay, now a fisherman and crofter.  Although his eldest daughter is not listed, five younger children have appeared on the scene. Johan (8), Rachel (8), Effy (6), Marion (4) and Donald (2). Margaret (36), quoted on the census form as Lachlan's daughter, is a domestic servant. I rather think, as is borne out in the 1901 census, that she is Lachlan's sister.

In 1901, we see the family progressing further, with only the twins Johan and Rachel (18), Euphea [Euphemia] (16), Marion (14) and Donald (12) remaining at home.  The family has expanded further, with the addition of Kenneth (10) and Eliza (8) since 1891. Margaret Macdonald is still in the house as a domestic servant.

Thirty years before, Lachlan is not yet married. He is at "Shipowners' House", with his mother Rachel (65, annuitant) and his siblings Malm (32), Euphemia (22) and domestic Margaret Mcdonald (22). Also present at that time was William Dingwall (32), a schoolmaster.

In 1861, Lachlan is a young man of 24, living in Scadabay with his parents John (60) and Rachel (50). Also present are his siblings Roderick (28), John (22) and Owen (17).

In 1851, we see more of Lachlan's siblings, as the family live in Scadabay. There are Kenneth (18), Roderick (16), Malcolm (14), John (10), Ewen (7) and Effy (4).

Lachlan Campbell died in Northton on 2 March 1925 at the age of 88, of supposed old age. No doctor attended his death. Lachlan is quoted as the widower of Kate Macdonald. His father John is marked as a shipowner.

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