Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Napier witnesses: George Macaulay

George Macaulay (also known as Seoras Dubh or Seoras Iain Bhan) was one of the witnesses from Great Bernera. He mentions in his evidence that he was removed from Croir in 1880, something that tallies with the George Macaulay that is on Hebridean Connections, born in 1819.

In 1881, we find George (62) with his wife Ann (54) in a private house in Hacklet. Peggy Macleod (20) is there as a domestic servant, and Catherine Smith (16) is a cattleherd. Ten years before, George and Ann's location is not specified. They are in a house with William Smith (16, agricultural labourer), Christy Murray (21, servant) and cowherd Peggy Macleod (11).
In 1861, George (41) and Ann (35) are listed at Croir. His mother, Cathrine (73) is in the house, together with visitors William Smith (6), Cathrine Macleod (16) and Rachel Mcdonald (17). 

Hebridean Connections mentions the date of George's marriage as 1853, meaning that we find him at home with his parents John (68) and Catherine (66) in the 1851 census. George (30) is a fisher at Croir. His sister Christy (29), Mary (24), home scholar Catherine Mckenzie (granddaughter, 9) and visiting Donald Mcaulay (20, fisher).

George (71) and Ann (64) remain at Hacklet in 1891. Norman and Maggie Patterson are boarders with them. with two infant children. George and Ann Macaulay never had children of their own.The last time we find George Macaulay in a census was in 1901, when, aged 82, he is listed at 5 Hacklete. Marion Martin (30) is a domestic servant.

George Macaulay passed away on 8 July 1908, aged 89. His wife followed him into death two years and two days later, aged 85. Ann was the daughter of Norman Macdonald and Rachael Macritchie of Uigen.

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