Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Angus Maciver

Rev Angus Maciver was the parish minister for Uig, when he gave evidence to Lord Napier at Miavaig on 4 June 1883. In the 1881 census, we see him at the Manse of Uig, married to Margaret Jane, 11 years younger than her husband. She was born at Lerwick, the daughter of Robert Bannatyne. He is in the house with his daughter, but the census transcription on Ancestry gives his name as an erroneous 14; Robert's age is in fact 74. He originates from Rothesay, Bute, a retired officer of fisheries. The household also comprises a number of domestic and farm servants. 

Hebridean Connections provides further clues on this minister of the Free Church.  He grew up at Tobson, Great Bernera, where he was born in 1832, the son of Angus Maciver and Ann Macleod. Rev Angus Maciver was the minister at Uig for 13 years until 1889, and was involved with the land struggle for Kneep and Valtos. It is therefore no surprise he was called upon to give evidence to Lord Napier in 1883.

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