Friday, 22 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Donald Martin

Donald Martin (61) was the witness for Tolsta Chaolais, the small village between Carloway and Breasclete. The 1871 census clearly shows him from there. The '81 census is confusing, as the transcription calls his area "Uig Hacktex". His family in 1871 consists of Donald (49), his wife Cathrin (48) and their children Cathrine (18), Kenneth (13), Anne (10), Marrion (7) and Dolly (3). Donald is listed as a mason crofter, which is the same information we find in 1861, with only the family about 10 years younger. In 1851, he lived in Doune Carloway, which is a mile or two to the north of Tolsta Chaolais.

Donald is found with his parents in 1841, living at Doune (near Carloway). He is the son of Kenneth (50) and Marion (45), with his siblings John (of the same age as Donald, twins?), Murdo (8), Ann (25), Margaret (20), Catherine (12) and Jane (4).

In 1891, Donald and Catherine remain at TC, with their children Kenneth, Annie and Dolly; Dolly's son Roderick (5) is also present.  A decade later, Kenneth Martin (42) is head of the household, with his wife Mary and 4 young children. Donald and Kate, now in their late 70s, are there, with their daughter Annie, now 39.

Donald Martin passed away on 16 February 1904 at the age of 83, having suffered influenza for 10 days. His son Kenneth reported the death. Catherine Martin died in 1915 at the age of 93.

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