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A tale of four islands - Sandray

Sandray is the northernmost of the Bishops Isles, a mile or so south of Vatersay.
Between 1851 and 1901, its population did not rise above 10.

In 1851, there was a family marked as 'Camron', presumably Cameron, consisting of cow herd Murdoch (48) and wife Janet (45), both originating from Bracadale in Skye. They had four daughters, all born in Skye; and two young sons, born in the parish of Barra. Alexander Macmillan (67) is marked as a visitor - occupation: vagrant.

In 1861, the resident family on Sandray is now 'Mckennon' (Mackinnon), with shepherd Hector (50) and wife Mary (45), together with their five daughters and one son. Hector's sister Elizabeth Macneil is also present.

Ten years later, the same family remains in Sandray.

In 1881, the shepherd family is Donald (56) and Mary (52) Mcmillan, with their four daughters (aged 14 to 24) and four visitors.

In 1891, Donald Macmillan remains as shepherd (now aged 69), with three of his children in his home; In 1901, the total population at Sandray is 3, with 82-year old Donald Macmillan and two of his children.

Sandray has been uninhabited since 1934. 

Sandray - Outer Hebrides
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