Monday, 25 April 2011

Napier witnesses: Murdo Macdonald

Murdo Macdonald was the witness for Tobson, Great Bernera, heard at Breasclete on 5 June 1883. We find a Murdo Macdonald, aged 56, at Tobson in the 1881 census, with his wife Henretta (50). Their children Henretta (20), Murdo (17) and Angus (25) are also present. The family is picked up in the 1871 census, not specifying where their 'private house' is located. A son Donald (12) and daughters Catherine (4) and Margaret (2) are shown in that census. In 1861, Angus (36) and Henrietta (29, born at Knock) are listed at 'Hopson' (which we can interpret as Tobson), with their young children Angus (5), Donald (3) and Ann (1).

Murdo passed away at Tobson on 25 January 1889, aged 65. He had suffered from consumption for some years. His parents' names are listed as Angus and Ann Macdonald. His son Angus reported the death at Miavaig on January 31st. Murdo's wife Henrietta followed him into death in 1892, aged 64.

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