Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Torquil Mcleod

Torquil Mcleod was a witness to the Napier Commission at Stornoway on 8 June 1883, representing the village of Knock, Point. We find him in the 1881 census aged 40, married to Margaret (36). Their children were John (12), Mary (9), Isabella (5) and Donald (3). A decade earlier, the family were living with Torquil's parents  John (58) and Margaret (54) in Knock. Torquil's siblings were William (26), Mary (19) and Isabella (10).  Torqil's first child, John, is 6 months old at that time.

In 1891, Torquil's family has grown to 6 children, with the addition of James (9), Catherine (6) and Torquil (3).  By 1901, they appear to have moved to 22 Swordale. A grandchild, Isabella (1), has appeared on the scene by that time.

Torquil Mcleod died on 25 November 1901, only 7 or 8 months after the census was taken, aged 62. He is noted as a pauper, formerly a crofter, married to Margaret nee Mackenzie, and living at Swordale. The cause of death is epilepsy (6 years) and renal disease (1 year). His brother in law Donald (surname not legible on death record) reported the death to the registrar at Stornoway.

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