Thursday, 12 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Norman Campbell

Norman Campbell gave evidence to Lord Napier during the session at Barvas on 6 June 1883. He spoke on behalf of the people of Arnol. I have only been able to trace him on the 1871 census, as living at Arnol. He is aged 54 at that point, married to Ann with 9 children, varying in age from 1 to 22. They are Malcolm (22), Norman (18), Ann (15), Mary (13), Christy (10), Effy (6), Donald (3) and John (1). In 1861, we also find Catherine Maclean, marked as Norman's mother.

Forward in time, we find Norman and Ann at 14 Arnol in 1891, with their children Malcolm and Donald. We also find their daughter Henrietta, living with her husband Malcolm and children Ann (3 months old), Christina and Donald (both aged 7). By 1901, the family have relocated to 33 Arnol. Present at that time are Norman (84) and Ann (75), with son Malcolm and his children Christina and Donald. It should be borne in mind that the Malcolm that is marked as Norman's son in the 1901 census is more likely to be his son-in-law, bearing in mind that Norman's son Malcolm will be about 50 by this time, and the son-in-law is about 10 years younger.

Norman Campbell passed away on 6 June 1909, aged 94, having suffered senility. He was the son of Malcolm and Catherine (nee Maclean). No doctor attended his death. Ann predeceased Norman, dying in 1898 aged 75.

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