Friday, 20 May 2011

Napier witnesses: John Macleod

John Macleod is listed as a boat builder from Ness, aged 35, who gave evidence to Lord Napier on 7 June 1883. John lives at 9 Port with his wife Eliza, who is two years younger, and children Gordon (3) and John M (1). Also present is Eliza's sister Deanie Gordon. A decade earlier, John (23) lives with his parents Murdo (70) and Marion (58) in Port - he is a general merchant at that point. Also present are his siblings Donald (26) and Malcolm (18). In 1861, John is a 14-year old scholar. His siblings are listed as Norman (17), Cursty (12) and Malcolm (8). The 1851 census entry has mutilated the name of Caligvol (the old name of Port Ness) and Murdo Mcleod. John Mcleod is aged 4, and lives with his parents and siblings Norman (16), Mary (19), Cathrine (10), Donald (7) and Christian (1). 

By 1891, John (by then 43) has become the sub-postmaster for Port. The names of his children are Gordon (13), Jack (11), James (9), David (7), Walter (4), Mile (10 months) and Margaret (22).

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