Monday, 16 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Finlay Mckenzie

Finlay Mackenzie gave evidence to the Napier Commission at Ness on 7 June 1883. He was aged 51 in the 1881 census, married to Cathrine (41), with 8 children. He is listed as a merchant (grocer) at 9 Habost. The Napier Report quotes Finlay's village of residence as Tabost; Habost is the lenited form of Tabost. The children are named as Cathrine (18), Ann (16), Margaret (14), Donald (12), John (10), Finlay (5), Margaret (3) and Angus (4 months).

A decade earlier, Finlay (noted as a sailor) was living at Cross with his parents, John (82) and Catherine (70) as well as his children Catherine (8), Ann (6), Margret (4), Donald (2) and John (1 month). In 1861, we see Finlay's wife Catherine (20) and their first child Ann (2), who died later, in 1863. Finlay's father is head of the household at that time.

In 1851, we see Finlay's siblings Angus (31), Donald (24) and Ann (17); Finlay is 21 years of age.

The last census entry from Finlay Mckenzie is in 1901, when he is 70 years of age. His wife Catherine is 60, and they live with their children Annie, Christy and Donald with wife Annie and baby son Murdo.

Finlay Mckenzie passed away on 12 March 1906 at the age of 76. At the time of death, he had had diarrhoea for 18 days, and dyspepsia and debility for 7 years. His son in law John Mclean reported the death. Finlay's wife Catherine had pre-deceased him in 1905, aged 69.

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