Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Donald Martin (Back)

Donald Martin was a witness to the Napier Commission during its session at Stornoway on 8 June 1883. The census for 1881 shows him at 85 Back, married to Elizabeth. They had 6 daughters, Isabella (16), Christina (14), Margaret (12), Ann (7), Johanna (4) and Jessie (2). They also occur in 1871, minus the children aged less than 10 in 1881. In 1861, Donald is living with his parents Norman (52) and Marion (50) at 4 Weavers' Lane. Donald, aged 25, is the eldest of the five children shown, which include siblings Anne (22), Donald (15), Mary (7) and Allan (3). The 1851 census also shows Christy, then aged 7. We first encounter Donald in the 1841, at that time aged 5.

In 1891, Donald and Elizabeth continue to live at Back, and by that time they also have a son, Donald, aged 8. Donald senior died on 7 November 1900 at the age of 64, having suffered from cancer. His brother Allan reported the death to the registrar at Stornoway. Donald's wife Elizabeth (nee Morrison) died in 1927, aged 89.

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