Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Malcolm Mckenzie

Malcolm Mackenzie, 4 Skigersta, gave evidence to the Napier Commission at Ness on 7 June 1883.  He was a fisherman aged 69 (in 1881), married to Effie (69). Also in the house were their son Murdo (38) and his wife Catharine (26); daughter Marion (28) and granddaughter Johanna (3). Malcolm features in the 1851 census as being married to Henny, living at Skigersta. The (transcribed) entry on the census corrupts the name of the village. Their children are Norman (12), Murdo (7), Donald (5), Marion (2 months). Margaret Murray, who is Effie's mother, lives with them in 1851, aged 75.

Malcolm Mackenzie died on 11 January 1885, aged 74. His parents' names are Norman and Henrietta (nee Smith). His cause of death is "supposed to be consumption". His son Donald reported the death; he was unable to write his name. Henrietta died in 1887, aged 76.

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