Wednesday, 18 May 2011

How things are in the Lews (II part 1)

Glasgow Herald, 3 August 1867

I have just received an alarming piece of intelligence. When last in the Lews, a gentleman pointed out to me a hill overlooking Stornoway where a man had been hanged, the only execution, he said, that had taken place in the island. I have received information that another execution is now contemplated - that the people of the Lews, being justly indignant with me for describing the state of things amongst them, intend to gibbet me on my next visit, unless I recant. The minister of the UP Church is to head the procession, because I said that his church, as yet, was small; the Established Church clergy are to join the grim procession, because I said they had little left to do; the inhabitants are to contribute a car, because I made reference to the mud cabins, the naked children, and the women carrying the men upon their backs; the bankers and merchants are to supply the noose; and the Free Church has kindly undertaken to provide the gibbet.

To be continued

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