Thursday, 12 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Angus Campbell (Bragar)

Angus Campbell gave evidence to Lord Napier during the session at Barvas on 6 June 1883. In the 1881 census, we find him at the age of 56, living with his daughters Anne (23) and Margaret (21). In 1871, the census marks him as a tenant constable, with his daughters Christy (15), Ann (13), Maggie (11) and son Kenneth (9) in the house at North Bragar. By 1861, Angus is at North Bragar with his wife Ann, 4 years his junior, and children Christy (5), Ann (11) and Meron (2). What appears to be Angus Campbell is in the 1851 census as a cottar in North Bragar, marked on his own.

In the 1891 census, Angus (now 65) remains at 28 North Bragar, with his children Kenneth and Margaret. Kenneth's wife Margaret is also there, with their children Ann (4) and Norman (2). Angus passed away on 22 June 1899 at the age of 75. He died of influenza. He was the widower of Ann Finlayson and Christina Smith. His neighbour reported his death to the registrar at Borve, which is 10 miles from Bragar.

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