Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Napier witnesses: Rev James Strachan

James Strachan, the minister for Barvas, was heard by Lord Napier on 6 June 1883. He originated from Aberdeen. He is aged 53, and shown with his wife Christina A (aged 47) and their children Christina, Roderick, Cath, Peter, Joan and William. In 1871, their children are quoted as Mina Maggie, Annie Mary, Christina Jessie, Helen Nora, Roderick and Catherine Alice.  We see them again in 1861, with their eldest three children Jamima M, Annie and Christina J. The other ten occupants are domestic and other servants.

In 1891, James Strachan remains as parish minister, living at the Manse in Barvas with his children Annie M, Catherine A (a teacher in the public school) and Agnes J..

Rev Strachan passed away, after a service of more than 30 years at Barvas, on 22 September 1892 aged 65, suffering from a multitude of health problems. His wife Christina (nee Reid) survived him by 28 years, passing away in 1920 at the age of 87.

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