Thursday, 2 June 2011

Napier witnesses: Roderick Finlayson

Roderick Finlayson gave evidence to the Napier Commission at Keose on 12 June 1883, on behalf of the people of Maravaig [Marvig]. We find him in the 1881 census, aged 55, married to Jane (nee Munro). Their son Peter (23) is also present in the house. Hebridean Connections tells us that Jane was originally from Melvich, Sutherland.

The census of 1861 shows us more of Roderick's family, Mary (7), Peggy [Margaret] (5), Peter (3) and John (1). Hebridean Connections note that there was a fifth child, Johnina, who died after choking on a fishbone. In 1871, Roderick is a carpenter, but in 1881 his occupation is noted as crofter and fisherman.  In 1901, the couple live at the schoolhouse in Marvig.

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