Thursday, 2 June 2011

Napier witnesses: Murdo Mcmillan

Murdo Mcmillan gave evidence on behalf of the crofters of Gravir at the Napier Commission's hearing at Keose on 12 June 1883. He shows up in the 1881 census aged 57, married to Chirsty (53) with their five children Cate (32), Isabella (30), Chirsty (22), Donald (15) and Bess (12). The 1871 census also shows Margret and Robert, ages between Isabella and Chirsty. The family is also shown in the censuses for 1861 and 1851.

The 1891 census puts Murdo and family at 2 Gravir. We also see Chirsty's husband Kenneth Mcphail, and their child Catherine (3). In 1901, Murdo and Chirsty (aged 74 and 73) remain in Gravir, with some of their children and grandchildren.

Murdo Mcmillan passed away on 10 December 1907 at the age of 83, having suffered from mitral valve heart disease. His parents are named as Murdo and Euphemia (nee Mckenzie). His wife Christina (nee Macleod)  died in 1910 at the age of 83.

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