Thursday, 2 June 2011

Napier witnesses: George Mackenzie

George Mackenzie was a witness from Laxay, who gave evidence at the Napier Commission at Keose on 12 June 1883. We find him as a 50-year old fisherman on the 1871 census married to Catherine (same age), and with seven children. They vary in ages from 4 to 26. The 1861 census shows Catherine to be 20 years older than George, which is a mistake; their youngest child at that time is only 10 months old.

George Mackenzie died on 29 May 1888 aged 69 of bronchitis. His parents are named as Colin and Catherine, and he is noted as being married to Catherine Mckay. His eldest son John reported the death to the registrar at Keose; he was unable to write his name.

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