Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Napier witnesses: John Mcleod (Kershader)

John Mcleod is noted as a witness from Kershader, giving evidence to the Napier Commission during its session at Keose on 12 June 1883. The censuses point at a John Mcleod living in a private house at Garryavard [Garyvard], a mile or so east of Kershader. In 1881, he is aged 49, married to Margaret (40) and having 5 children, Kenneth (14), John (12), Isabella (10), Catherine (8) and Finlay (4). Also present are John's brothers Donald and Murdo. The family, minus the children aged below 10 in 1881, is also shown in the 1871 census.
In 1891, John is shown at 12 Garyvard with his wife Peggy (a contraction of Margaret) and children Finlay (15), Isabella (20), Kate (18), Mary A (9), as well as the two brothers.

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