Thursday, 2 June 2011

Napier witnesses: Kenneth Mcdonald

Kenneth Mcdonald was the witness for Leurbost, giving evidence to the Napier Commission during its session at Keose on 12 June 1883. He appears on the Report and on the census as a merchant in Leurbost, married to Colina who is 18 years younger than him. In 1881, he has two young children, Catherine (3) and Donald (10 months). By 1891, the family extends to Kenneth and Ann Jane, although Donald no longer features in the census. Their residence is Trantom Cottage.

Kenneth Mcdonald died on 13 August 1894, aged 60, as the result of an accident. He had lost consciousness after his head was struck by a cartshaft. The matter was reported to the Procurator Fiscal, and entered in the death register on 19 September. The name of Kenneth's wife is not recorded.

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