Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pabbay - 1841

Pabbay is located on the left of this map

This is a transcript of part of the census return for the island of Pabbay, Harris, for 1841.
Please do not confuse this Pabbay with the island off Broadford, Isle of Skye, which is under the parish of Strath. There is also a Pabay Mor off the coast of Uig, Isle of Lewis, and another Pabbay can be found among the Bishops Isles south of Barra.

The population of Pabbay was cleared in 1846 to make way for sheep.  Further information can be found on this excellent page of the Papar project.

Registered on Pabbay in 1841
Nora Mcleod 30 Ag Lab [agricultural labourer]
Cathrine Mcleod 30
Hord Mcleod 12
Finla Mcleod 10
Niel Mcleod 7
Anne Mcleod 4
Margt Mcleod 70

John Morison 40 Ag Lab
Mary Morison 40 Ag Lab
Janet Morison 15
Anne Morison 15
Murdh Morison 13
Donald Morison 10
Effy Morison 8
John Morison 5
William Morison 2

Rodh Mcleod 30 Ag Lab

John Mckay 13

Nord Mccaskill 40 Ag Lab
Rachel Mccaskill 25
Christy Mccaskill 10
Cathrine Mccaskill 2
John Mcleod 30 Ag Lab
Margt Mcleod 20
Anne Mcleod 3 MO

Donald Mclean 60 Ag Lab

EDIT: Inserted the words part of in first sentence of this post, to reflect information as suggested by Direcleit in comment below.

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  1. I see some 340 returns from the island in 1841 and the Papar Project provides us with:
    'The 65 households, a total of 323 people, of the 1841 census...'

    Two lots of twenty families each were Cleared to Scalpaigh from Pabaigh in 1843 and 1846.