Thursday, 31 March 2011

Napier witnesses: Murdo Morrison

Murdo Morrison is shown as a 50-year old crofter at 46 Kyles Scalpay in the 1881 census. He is shown as married to Lexy. John is their 1-year old son. Dolina Morrison (not certain if she is related) is a 21-year old servant. William Macleod is visiting, he is a fisherman.

Twenty years before, we find a Murdo Morrison as a 32-year old tenant's son in Scalpa (Harris), son of Hector (63) and Margaret Morrison (62). His siblings were Ewen (26) and Mary (28). It is not useful to go back too far in the censuses, when looking for this man. Murdo Morrison clearly states in his evidence that the original people of Kyles Scalpay were cleared from their township, and replaced by those removed from Pabbay and Berneray.

A census record from 1841 shows the population of Pabbay, Harris. It includes a Murdh Morrison, aged 13. His parents, both aged 40, are John and Mary, who have 7 children: Janet and Anne (15), Donald (10), Effy (8), John (5) and William (2) in addition to "Murdh".

I have been unable to locate Murdo's death certificate with any degree of certainty.

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