Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gaelic in 1881

According to the census return of 1881, the number of persons in Scotland who speak Gaelic habitually is 231,594; and of these, 184,230 belong to the counties of Argyll, Inverness, Ross, and Sutherland. Gaelic is still the native and habitual speech of a very large proportion of the population of these four counties, the percentage being—in Argyllshire, 60.8; in Inverness-shire, 70.8 ; in Ross-shire, 71.4 ; and in Sutherland, 75.3.

Total population in Scotland in 1881: 3.7 million, Sutherland 22,376; Ross 79,476; Inverness 86,389 and Argyll 80,761.

Source: Report by Napier Commission, 1883. 

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