Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Dewar Commission at Stornoway - Nutrition

Dr Murdoch Mackenzie, whose evidence is taken in (among others) page 225 of the Dewar Report, is questioned about the average diet of the crofter. 

10,680. Can you tell us how the crofter lives; can you tell us their menu for the day ?
—Porridge and milk to begin with.

10,681. Have they much milk here ?
—No. From now onwards to the end of spring their supply of milk is very deficient.

10,682. That is because the cows are dry ?

10,683. That could be improved ?
—Yes. There is great difficulty in Lewis in getting milk for the children.

10,684. What do they take?
—They get Swiss condensed milk. It is rather rich in sugar, and it does not make as much bone as the ordinary milk.

10,685. (Dr Mackenzie). Have you much rickets among the children?

10,686. (Chairman). What have they for dinner usually ?
—Salt herring very frequently, and then there is fish and the egg.

10,687. Do they use it very much ?
—In our parish they do.

10,688. The children must be very well nourished in this district?

10,689. That is very much better than some menus we have had on the mainland?

10,690. Do they use butter much ?
—Yes; they buy margarine very much.

10,691. Is that in the rural districts ?
—In the rural districts margarine is very much used.

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