Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Dewar Commission at Stornoway - page 222

The medical view of conditions in blackhouses in 1912. It would be another 40 to 60 years before all people in Lewis were housed in modern housing; and their livestock somewhere else. 

10,578. Is it the case that in a large number of the houses, the cows, and sometimes the sheep, are housed in the house along with the people ?

10,579. Even for confinements, it is important to have fully trained nurses, because in many of of the cases it is not a proper place for a woman to be confined at all?
—No, of course you have got to make the best of the conditions.

10,580. You made the statement just now about the cattle in the houses, that it still exists in the majority of the townships ?
—In all the townships, With some exceptions.

10,581.. Don’t they go in by separate doors?
—Some do.

10,582. Do you think that these are fit places for the domiciliary treatment of tuberculosis in any form?

10,583. You can say, as medical officer of health, having been a practitioner here for a number of years, that in your opinion the great majority—very nearly all-of the houses are absolutely unfit either for the treatment of bone tuberculosis or pulmonary tuberculosis?

10,584. Is that putting it too strongly ?

10,585. Have you any cases of tetanus among the infants?
—It is practically done away with.

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