Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tributes to the War Memorial - WW2

I have transcribed as many tributes as could be found in issues of the Stornoway Gazette from 1940. More will follow from later years in the Second World War in days and weeks to come. Caution has to be exercised with these clippings. Sometimes, the names are incorrect; sometimes, a man is reported missing, but later turns up alive. I have access to the full listings of the WW2 casualty lists from Lewis and Harris, and can therefore doublecheck. A case in point is that of Refrigeration Engineer, Alexander Macrae, late of 21 Keith Street, Stornoway. His ship, the Rangitane, was torpedoed in December 1940. He survived and was marooned, before being picked up and returned home. Unfortunately, Alex Macrae died whilst returning home in May 1941, aged 65. 

Incidentally, the story of the Rangitane (linked to above) is worthy of a read in itself. 

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