Saturday, 30 July 2011

Remembering the Fallen of the Second World War - 1939

I have completed the transcription of tributes to the Fallen from Lewis for the year 1939, which comprises the first 4 months of the Second World War. The Stornoway Gazette records 19 losses until the last week of that year, and I am highlighting the following tributes:

The sinking of the trawler James Ludford
The heroes of the Rawalpindi
Donald Macarthur, 10 Cromore
Angus John Paterson, 3 Brue
Murdo Mackenzie, 21 Swordale
Alex Finlayson, 10 Calbost
John Montgomery, 16 Ranish

The full list of names of Lewis casualties for 1939 is:

  1. Murdo Mackenzie, 21 Swordale
  2. John Mackenzie, 21 Swordale [Rawalpindi]
  3. Norman Macleod, 25 Swordale [Rawalpindi]
  4. Angus John Paterson, 3 Brue [Northern Rover]
  5. Alexander Matheson, 26 Brue [James Ludford]
  6. Archibald Macrae Rodger, 59 Keith Street, Stornoway [RAF]
  7. John Murdo Nicolson, 3 Marybank / 39 Lower Bayble [Rawalpindi]
  8. William Macleod, Marybank [Rawalpindi]
  9. Donald Macarthur, 10 Cromore [Rawalpindi]
  10. Alexander Finlayson, 10 Calbost [Courageous]
  11. Alexander Crichton, 15 Eagleton [James Ludford]
  12. John Montgomery, 16 Ranish
  13. Allan Morrison, 31 North Street, Sandwick
  14. William Macleod, 14 Sheshader [Rawalpindi]
  15. Colin Mackay, 31 South Bragar [Rawalpindi]
  16. Donald Smith jnr, 52 North Tolsta [Rawalpindi]
  17. Samuel Graham, Vatisker [Royal Oak]
  18. Donald Mackenzie, 22 Tolstachaolais
  19. Malcolm Graham, Church Street, Borve [James Ludford]
  20. Murdo Mackay, 53 Back [Rawalpindi]
  21. William Maciver, 36 Coll
Archibald Macrae Rodger was the first Lewis casualty of the war, when he was killed during a leaflet drop over Germany on 7 September 1939. He was the only RAF casualty in 1939; the other twenty men were all serving with the Royal Naval Reserve. The name in square brackets is the name of the ship that a man was serving in when it was sunk.

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