Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Remembering the men of Harris

Spent an hour or so in Stornoway Library today transcribing tributes to Harris men, who fell in 1917. There were only four tributes in the Stornoway Gazette of 1917, and one for a man from Berneray. The Tarbert War Memorial shows rather more, but details are rather scant. Nonetheless, I managed to fill in the details on one of them: John Morrison, who is listed on the Tarbert Memorial as being from Ard Slave [Ard Shleibhe].

Examination of his service record show that he came from "Beckrivig". A glance at the Ordnance Survey map translates that into Beacrabhaig, half a mile north of Ard Shleibhe on the road to Geocrab in the Bays area of Harris. John Morrison was killed in action on 17 July 1917 at the age of 34. He served with the 46th Australian Infantry, which he joined in November 1915. John was survived by his father Donald, I believe (although not with great certainty) that his mother's name was Mary.

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