Monday, 28 February 2011

No coincidence - Brown's Copse Cemetery

Brown's Copse Cemetery is one of four graveyards in the area of Roeux and Fampoux, 4 miles east of  Arras in northern France. According to CWGC, there was severe fighting for the village in April 1917, when the 9th Scottish Division attempted to take Roeux from the Germans. Six of the nine Lewismen buried here died on 11 April 1917, a day before the atack failed. They managed to enter the village on 22 April, clearing it of the Germans on May 14th. William Macleod, who was killed on 16 May, fell in the battle to retake the chemical works, which had been recaptured by the Germans on that day.

With the exception of Archie Murray (Black Watch) and William Macleod (1st/6th Seaforths) all men were serving with the 2nd battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

Here is a list of their names:

11 April 1917
S/13150 Pte Malcolm Macleod, 13 Lower Shader,  grave I. A. 10
3/7424 Cpl Duncan Anderson (aged 22), 5 Kershader, grave II. E. 33.
S/16112 Pte Duncan Macdonald (aged 19), son of Murdo and Helen, Gress, grave III. A. 4
S/6862 Pte Angus Macritchie (aged 37), son of Donald, husband of Annie, 1 Adabrock, grave III. D. 35.3/7153 Pte Malcolm Maciver (aged 20), 48 Borve, grave III. E. 12
3/7138 Pte Angus Macdonald (aged 21) 21 Ballantrushal, son of Angus, grave III. F. 25

14 April 1917
3/7344 Pte Finlay Maclean (aged 19), 21 Callanish, grave III. F. 15.

25 April 1917
292771 Pte Archie Murray (aged 28), 1st/7th Black Watch, son of John and Catherine, 25 Newton Street, Stornoway, grave II. C. 17

16 May 1917
267505 Pte William Macleod (aged 34), 1st/6th Seaforth Highlanders, son of William and Jane, 1 Matheson Road, Stornoway, grave III. G. 21

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