Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Coire Geurad

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Loch Coire Geurad, shown above, is one of many inland lochs in Lewis, located at the centre of the island. The nearest road is about 3 miles away to the north, as is the nearest permanent habitation. There was never any permanent dwelling houses here, but the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland has listed 9 so-called sheiling huts at the northwestern corner of the loch. These ruins are designated as Gearraidh Coire Geurad. A sheiling is a place where people from elsewhere in the island would take their livestock in summer to fatten them up for winter.

In 1853, the site was described as consisting of 5 roofed huts. 120 years later, there were unroofed huts, one of which had three compartments.

I visited the southern end of Loch Coire Geurad in 2005 (the sheilings are at its northern extremity, on the southern slopes of Coltreasal Mor); just off the righthand edge of this picture.

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