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This week, the Island Book Trust is commemorating the evacuation of Mingulay a hundred years ago, in 1912. As part of that commemoration, I am posting the census return from 1901 from Mingulay, being registration district 108 and enumeration district 4. Each household is shown in a block, starting with the head of the household, their name, age and occupation (if known). Last year, I briefly touched on the demographics of Mingulay between 1851 and 1901.

Mingulay, 1 April 1901
Head: John Johnston, 23, Teacher
Cousin: Annie Mckinnon, 39, Cook

Head: John Macneil, 36, Fisherman
Wife: Mary Macneil, 28,
Daughter: Maggie Macneil, 5, Scholar
Daughter: Catherine Macneil, 3,
Son: Michael Macneil, 0,

Head: Angus Macneil, 82, Crofter
Wife: Maggie Macneil, 70,
Granddaughter: Annie Macneil, 18, General servant domestic

Head: Donald Macneil, 38, Fisherman
Wife: Mary Macneil, 35,
Son: Michael Macneil, 9, Scholar
Son: Neil Macneil, 7, Scholar
Son: James Macneil, 5, Scholar
Son: Joseph Macneil, 3,
Daughter: Marion Macneil, 0,

Head: John Macdonald, 44,
Brother: Donald Macdonald, 32, Fisherman
Sister: Catherine Macdonald, 36, General servant
Sister: Marion Macdonald, 33,

Head: John Sinclair, 67, Crofter
Wife: Mary Sinclair, 56,
Son: Johns Sinclair, 29, Fisherman
Daughter: Mary Sinclair, 18, General servant
Granddaughter: Annie Macmillan, 10, Scholar
Visitor: Angus Morrison, 30, General labourer

Head: Donald Macphee, 30, Fisherman
Brother: Neil Macphee, 22, Fisherman
Brother: Michael Macphee, 16, General labourer
Sister: Annie Macphee, 24, General servant
Sister: Mary Macphee, 22, General servant

Head: Malcolm Macphee, 78, Crofter
Wife: Mary Macphee, 68,
Daughter: Mary Macphee, 23, General servant

Head: Angus Macneil, 60, Fisherman
Son: John Macneil, 25, Sailor
Son: Donald Macneil, 23, Fisherman
Son: Roderick Macneil, 21, General fisherman labourer
Son: Michael Macneil, 18, General labourer
Daughter: Annie Macneil, 24, General servant domestic
Daughter: Mary Macneil, 14, Scholar
Visitor: Elizabeth Campbell, 13, Scholar

Head: John Campbell, 52, Crofter
Wife: Mary Campbell, 50,
Daughter: Catherine Campbell, 22, General servant
Son: Michael Campbell, 17, General labourer
Daughter: Maggie Campbell, 13, Scholar
Daughter: Bridget Campbell, 11, Scholar
Daughter: Margaret Campbell, 8, Scholar

Head: Michael Maclean, 37, Fisherman
Wife: Flora Maclean, 35,
Son: Donald Maclean, 6, Scholar
Son: John Maclean, 4,
Daughter: Mary Ann Maclean, 2,

Head: Michael Macneil, 49, Fisherman
Wife: Annie Macneil, 43,
Daughter: Marion Macneil, 12, Scholar
Daughter: Flora Macneil, 8, Scholar
Son: Rodrick Macneil, 10, Scholar
Brother: Donald Macneil, 43, Fisherman

Head: John Gillies, 40, General labourer
Wife: Flora Gillies, 42,
Son: James Gillies, 16, General labourer
Daughter: Annie Gillies, 14, General servant
Son: Alexdr Gillies, 12, Scholar
Daughter: Maggie Gillies, 8,
Son: Neil Gillies, 8, Scholar
Daughter: Christina Gillies, 5,
Son: Joseph Gillies, 4,
Daughter: Flora Gillies, 0,
Lodger: Catherine Gillies, 42,

Head: Mary Macphee, 69,
Daughter: Catherine Macphee, 39, General servant
Daughter: Marion Macphee, 29, General servant
Occupier: Michael Macphee, 36, Fisherman
Sister: Catherine Sinclair, 48,
Nephew: Duncan Sinclair, 20, Fisherman
Nephew: Donald Sinclair, 17, General labourer
Niece: Mary Sinclair, 16, Domestic servant

Head: Donald Campbell, 54, Formerly fisherman
Wife: Catherine Campbell, 52,
Daughter: Annie Campbell, 25, General servant
Daughter: Mary Campbell, 23, General servant
Daughter: Mary Ann Campbell, 10, Scholar

Head: Malcolm Campbell, 80, Crofter
Grandson: Neil Campbell, 11, Scholar

Head: John Maclean, 35, Crofter
Wife: Margaret Maclean, 34,
Daughter: Catherine Maclean, 10, Scholar
Son: Michael Maclean, 8,
Daughter: Mary Maclean, 5,
Son: Allan Maclean, 0,

Head: Malcolm Maclean, 72, Crofter
Son: Hugh Maclean, 28, Fisherman
Granddaughter: Mary Maclean, 13, Scholar
Occupier: Michael Maclean, 37, Fisherman
Aunt: Flora Maclean, 53, General servant
Occupier: Euphemia Maclean, 52, Crofter
Sister: Margaret Maclean, 50,
Occupier: Alexander Mackinnon, 44, Crofter
Brother: John Mackinnon, 40,
Niece: Margaret Gillies, 12, Scholar

Head: John Macneil, 55, Fisherman
Wife: Marion Macneil, 53,
Son: James Macneil, 21, General labourer
Son: Roderick Macneil, 19, General labourer
Daughter: Flora Macneil, 15, General servant
Daughter: Ann Macneil, 13, Scholar
Son: Donald Macneil, 10, Scholar

Head: Donald Campbell, 75, Crofter
Daughter: Mary Campbell, 35, General servant
Daughter: Elizabeth Campbell, 24, General servant
Daughter: Marion Campbell, 32,
Son: John Campbell, 39, Fisherman

Head: Donald Macneil, 56, Crofter
Wife: Maggie Macneil, 55, General labourer
Son: James Macneil, 21, General labourer
Daughter: Maggie Macneil, 24, General servant
Son: Joseph Macneil, 16, General servant
Son: Rodrick M Macneil, 14,
Son: John Macneil, 12, Scholar

Head: Annie Macneil, 78,
Daughter: Catherine Macneil, 45, General servant
Granddaughter: Annie Murphy, 16, General servant

Head: Hector Macneil, 72, Crofter
Son: Donald Macneil, 36, Fisherman
Daughter: Mary Macneil, 30, General servant
Servant: Marion Campbell, 23, School sewing mistress
Wife: Jane Finlayson, 68,

Head: John Finlayson, 66, Retired teacher

Head: Lachlan Macneil, 45, Fisherman
Wife: Mary Macneil, 38, General servant
Sister-in-law: Christina Campbell, 18, General servant
Brother-in-law: John Campbell, 16, General labourer

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